Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? You came to the right place. Please read through our FAQ’s below.

If you require any further assistance please feel free to contact us.

How can I buy Followers, Likes, Views and more?

1) Simply select the service you would like to buy (e.g. Instagram Followers or Facebook page Likes)
2) Select the amount of Followers/ Likes you would like to buy and enter your username or page URL.
3) Click ‘Add to Cart’, confirm and pay securely via PayPal.
4) Full Delivery will be within 0-48 hours. (Larger orders may take longer)

Can you provide Custom Orders & other Social Media Services?

Yes, we can provide custom orders. We also have YouTube Subscribers, Soundcloud and Spotify Services available.
Please contact us if you would like to find out more or if you would like a custom order.

How long does it take for your services to be delivered?

Followers, Likes or Views will be fully delivered within 48 hours of purchase, Larger orders may take longer.

If I buy Followers, Likes or Views will my account be banned/suspended?

We have helped boost a wide range of social media profiles/pages, businesses, influencers, models and we have a 100% customer satisfaction without any accounts being banned or suspended.
Our services have been effectively used and trusted without any problems from social media companies.
We work within the constrains and policies of the social media companies.

Do you require access to my social media account(s)?

We do not require access to your social media accounts.
Simply provide the link or username to your profile or post when submitting an order!

What happens if my Followers, Likes or Views drop?

We over-deliver on all our services by up to 20% to cover any drops. We also refill any drops within the first 21 days after purchase!
The Followers, Likes & Views are real and random, it is in their control whether they continue to follow or unfollow you.
We will always refill any drops if you contact us, however, we are unable to give refunds for the loss of any Followers, Likes and Views.

Refund Policy

If you want to cancel your order or receive a refund, please contact us within 6 hours of placing your order by submitting the ‘request refund’ form on our contact page here.
Refunds cannot be given for already processed orders. Partial refunds can be given for partially delivered orders.
For any refund requests, contact us first.
PLEASE do not open a dispute with PayPal.